TruckLogger Support


At every stage of using TruckLogger, there is a range of support available to ensure the success of drivers wishing to use TruckLogger to complete their Daily Logs. TruckLogger provides a Installation Guide, and FAQ to help drivers get TruckLogger installed. After installation TruckLogger provides a comprehensive set of help instructions as part of the TruckLogger application.

User Manual FAQ Screencasts

Community Forum

The TruckLogger development team strongly believes that other Truck drivers are the best source of information for other drivers who may have questions about how to use TruckLogger. That is why TruckLogger provides a free community forum for any registered user to post questions, and read other drivers answers.



Although the TruckLogger support team does not guarantee a level of individual support, we are committed to making sure that each and every driver is able to take full advantage of all the features that TruckLogger has to offer. If you feel that you've exhausted all other means of support including searching the Forums, we do encourage you to send our support team an email detailing your specific problem. However we do NOT PROVIDE TELEPHONE SUPPORT you must contact the support team via email.

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