TruckLogger Features

TruckLogger is a feature-rich

electronic hours of service logging solution,

offering complete flexibility and

control over data entry and reporting.

Log Editing
  • Point and Click on the Log Graph to enter duty status
  • Time shift individual or multiple status records
  • Delete individual or multiple status records
  • Auto Complete Log from previous day
  • Carry over Load Manifest from previous day
  • Coversion between Metric and U.S. Standard Units
Log Records
  • Driver Duty Status Record
  • Fuel Record
  • Expense Record
  • Revenue/Income Record
  • Logs Turned In Record
  • Trip Record
  • Manifest Record
  • Maintenance Record
  • Yard Work Record
  • Odometer Record
  • Comment Record

Hours Of Service
  • On the fly hours of service validation
  • Compatible with U.S. FMSCA 2005 Rules
  • Rules support both Passenger and Property Carrying vehicles drivers
  • Dashboard summary of current HOS status
  • On screen screen notification of any violations
  • Support for Speed violations
  • Support for Record Expiration Violations
Driver Affiliation Records
  • Carrier Record
  • Tractor (Powered Unit) Record
  • Trailer (Towed Unit) Record.
  • Co Driver Record
  • Customer Record
  • Driver Record (CDL, Medical, etc) Expiration Dates

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Pre and Post Trip Reports
  • 12 and 50 Point inspections
  • One button quick completion
Log Reports
  • Fuel Report
    • Average miles per gallon
    • Average cost per mile
    • Total amount of fuel used during a specific time frame
  • Duty Status Violations Report
  • Days Out Report
  • Hours Report
  • Distance / Speed Report
  • Print Report
  • Trip Report
  • Manifest Report
  • Proft/Loss Report(s)
  • All Log Entries Report

  • Multiple log sheet formats
  • Import and scale signature to print on log
  • Vertical and horizontal remarks
  • Multiple DVIR formats
  • Screenshots of the log sheets.
Subscription (Extra cost)
  • Log Synchronization
    • Maintain a backup of your logs on a secure server
    • Keep your logs in sync between two or more computers
    • Edit Logs Offline and Synchronize them later.
    • Requires an Internet connection while synchronizing
  • More features coming soon!